El trabajo de 4 acróbatas, 4 músicos y 1 clown da lugar a una sencilla pero espectacular y emotiva historia para un público universal.

Natxo Montero «Barbecho Urbano»

It is a reflexion about the whole creation process. A path of movements and choreographies while several questions about the piece appear.

Adrian Schvarzstein

He interacts with the people on the streets using his crazy mind and vivid imagination.

Funny, plenty of surprising improvisations with the public.

A very provocative innocent Clown.

Kate & Pasi


Using several circus techniques, such as acrobatic duo and juggling, they answer, in a comical way, different questions about the relationship between a man and a woman.

Circo Los «Xarivari Blues»

Four circus artists in an exuberant scenery offer us juggling, unicycles and trampoline with impossible balances and vertiginous acrobatics with elegance and a lot of comedy.

Ortzi Acosta


Seeks to sensitize the audience with a story. This is told through body language, acrobatics, comedy, drama and live music.

Naoto Okada

«Yo-Yo World Champion»

With perfect synchronization, absolute precision and a speed of vertigo, Naoto shows the audience that a yo-yo is more than a toy. He cautivates the audience with his enthusiasm and charisma.


«Street Pole Dance»

A mysterious, beautiful and innocent character who shows the pathos of a strong woman by fire and aerial dances, which incorporate a variety of modern and original dance techniques.

Mysterieuses Coiffures «The Birdhouse»

Within seven minutes, he has elaborated a whole colourful, enchanting and ephemeral poem on your head. His eccentric creations are all different and rise from his fertile imagination.

Cia Ytuquepintas «Dreams of Sand»

From the finest sand, the most spectacular dreams.

A world of tenderness where the artist’s hands create stories full of poetry.

Cia Capicua

Company that tries to combine in every of their shows physical theatre, circus, dance and objects manipulation. All in order to tell a story.