The work of four acrobats, four musicians and a clown turns into a simple but spectacular and emotional story for a universal audience.

Cia3 «Mur»

A visual, poetic and conciliatory show that uses the ephemeral architecture to meditate about the physical and mental limitations and the human capacity to overcome them.

Cia Capicua

Company that tries to combine in every of their shows physical theatre, circus, dance and objects manipulation. All in order to tell a story.

Ortzi Acosta «Ilusion»

Seeks to sensitize the audience with a story. This is told through body language, acrobatics, comedy, drama and live music.

Circo Los «Xarivari Blues»

Four circus artists in an exuberant scenery offer us juggling, unicycles and trampoline with impossible balances and vertiginous acrobatics with elegance and a lot of comedy.