Blick Theatre «[Hullu]»

She’s not in the mainstream, they try to pull her in, mostly with tenderness, just sometimes a touch of annoyance. She does not understand them. Overwhelmed, she seeks refuge in her own world, an imaginary place, crowded with strange little persons, where everything becomes possible. Be they friends or ennemies, this puzzling characters seem a perfect match to her fanciful mind. But escaping into this familiar environment soon becomes a trap. The switch between reality and imagination goes wrong when the shelter built of cardboard boxes becomes an impenetrable wall.

With their unequalled dexterity the performers easily manipulate our illusion, create mirages that confuse the limits between reality and hallucination, between standard and incomprehension. The puppets become independent and we don’t know any longer who manipulates whom, who of both is the quirkiest. With Blick théâtre humans and puppets play a game of pass-the-parcel and confuse our perception of strangeness and the unknown. They juggle with real, fake and false appearances and take us into a puzzling world of magic where madness (hullu in Finnish) is as frightening as charming.

AWARD for Best Show in the Fira de Titelles of Lleida 2014

AWARD AMIGOS of TitereMurcia 2015

AWARD for Best Indoors Show at TAC in Valladolid 2017